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Odeslat příspěvekod MELLO 9. 12. 2007 09:29

ace2 píše:To já bych si s ním i pokecal :D není nad to si z někoho dělat srandu. Pěkně ho navnadit, že peří bude pak ho tahat za nos a mezi tím u toho jíst v klidu vanilkovou zmrzlinu a potutelně se usmívat.
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Odeslat příspěvekod Bob 9. 12. 2007 09:57

Das gewunschte Inserat wurde nicht gefunden ...
Dejte link na něco podobného, co ještě funguje .... taky zkusím projevit zájem o koupi ...

Odeslat příspěvekod Deli 9. 12. 2007 10:02

- You’re disturbing my oboe practice.
- You don’t play the oboe.
- I could play the oboe.
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Odeslat příspěvekod hakluk 9. 12. 2007 10:46

Takhle to dopadlo, kdyz sem v roce 2005 shanel Celicu TS 8)

HI ,
Thanks for the email.

I still have the car for sale . I want to let you know that i just
married and i decided to follow my husband in UK. I took the car with
me thinking to register here, but when i saw how big registration
taxes are here,i decided that is better to sell it, is even cheaper
for me to deliver it in Germany, France, Spain, etc than to register
here. The price is EUR 11550 and includes all shipping to your address
and all the taxes and is not for negociate. This is the reason that i
want to sell the car, plus that i just bought a house and i have other
priorities right now and also here i do not have what to do with it,is
useless for me here. It is currently registered in Germany has all the
papers and an active TUV!! The car is in excellent condition,has 25497
km, no scratch on it, never involved in any accidents or something
like that !! The title is clear and i`m the only owner .I owned the
car just for my pleasure,never abused of it,always services on time .

I wait news from you anyway if you are interested i will propose a
fair way to make this and i will pay for the transport !!

For more pics go here http://photos.yahoo.com/jaybastidas300

Please let me know
Thanks and Respect

Odeslat příspěvekod hakluk 9. 12. 2007 10:48

I am glad to see how many people are interested in buying my Celica.The car
is in immaculate condition and has no scratches on and hasn't been involved
in any accident.The motor runs very well. The tires are almost new.The car
is very fast and extremely furious.You must know that now i am located in
London, United Kingdom.The final price is 5000EURO.The price includes all
shipping , handling and insurance charges.Shipping will be done via
Lufthansa Air Cargo from United Kingdom it is INSURED and it will take no
more then 5 days.I have a friend at Lufthansa who will manage me a low price
shipping and I assumed that it is from me to pay for shipping it.When I will
shipp it,I will declare it as a gift so that you will pay no customs when
you will receive it and for this it will be delivered directly to your
address. I don't want to get rich by its selling, just want to give it to
someone who will take good care. Because of my job I am traveling a lot and
I can not stay home and expect to meet potential client. I'll also cover the
fees for the ship and inssurance to your home adress.After you will receive
the car you have 15 days to decide if you will buy it or no.You will have to
e-mail me your full name and address.I am waiting your e-mail with your full
name and address.
Please let me know your thoughts.
Best Regards

Odeslat příspěvekod hakluk 9. 12. 2007 10:49

Hello ,

Thank you for your interest in purchasing my car.
The vehicle is in good condition, has no technical damage at all, no
scratches or dents, no hidden defects, kept in our own garage,remaining
warranty available. It's fun and robust to drive.
My father, who died 1 month ago was the first owner of the car.
The car is an EUR model with EUR specs, technical inspection and
emissions testing is passed and stamped as well.
It has a EUR title of ownership, cleared of any obligations or fees and
comes with all the documents you need to register the item.
I must inform you that currently I'm in UK. I didn't bring it here with
me because the car's steering wheel is on the left side, and so it's
difficult driving it around the UK.
The car is now located at the Mobile.de warehouse in Regensburg, Bavaria.
The car will be shipped and insured by Mobile.de.
Mobile.de will act as a 3rd party for our transaction. You will not
have to pay additional taxes for this.
To be able to receive or pick up the car you'll have to make a
EUR4,000.00 deposit.
After you inspect the car if anything seems wrong you'll be able to
receive a refund from Mobile.de.
Please send me your full name and shipping address to forward them to
Mobile.de. They will contact you with more details.

Thanks for your interest, please feel free to email me any questions or
concerns you may have.

All the best and looking forward to hear from you!

James Berthel

Hello again ,

I have forwarded your info to Modile.de. They will send you all the
information you need.
The car will be shipped to your location. No extracharges for shipping.

James Berthel


Odeslat příspěvekod hakluk 9. 12. 2007 10:51

Tady to je i s tou bankou western union 8)

Hello ,
Sorry for delay.
My name is Steve Scott, the owner of the CELICA, this is still for sale.
Im glad that youre interested to buy my car. I know that you have many choices on this website and I appreciate your business.
First of all I must inform you that currently I'm in U.K.(United Kingdom), London and I have to let you know that the car is here with me and it is in a perfect condition. The car it's a LEFT hand drive, NOT right hand drive!
I am the first owner of the car, I bought it directly from Germany and it's registered there, you can register very easy in which country in all Europe, because it's an EU model, It can be registered into your name, so stay cool about this.
Let me tell you something about this car... The CELICAis in a great condition, almost new. Has been used just 39000 km. Most of the Km's are made on highway.
The car needs nothing.
Title is in hand and it's clear. It's a beauty, belive me. This is a TOYOTA CELICA GT-S made in 08/2002. The price is 6.850 € plus shipping fees(or you can come at my place and pick up the car). I am not going to go into all of the details on the performances, because i don't know if you're familiar with this car.
The payment must be done using a wire transfer service.
I prefer this method because in this way I will ship the car in the same day you make the payment. I know that the best deals are closed when the risk involved is minimum. You will arrange payment through Western Union (http://www.westernunion.com).
Look what I can do for you:
- you will make the transfer to my location but not to my name (you will use your best friends name for example as receiver's name) so you can be sure that I will not pick up the money until you get the car; so you make a deposit at Western Union and you will give me the transfer's details (SENDER'S NAME AND ADDRESS, RECEIVER'S NAME, MTCN) so I can check that the deposit was made.
After I verify it I will send you the car immediately.
- only after you will receive the car and check it if it's OK you will have to change the receiver's name of the transfer to my name so I can collect my money.

So until you will have the car at your home the money will be deposited on your best friend's name at Western Union Agency.
The inspection period for it is 5 days.I have something safe for you because I want you to be sure that you will receive the car and I hope we will collaborate in future too.
I will take you as a serious and possible buyer (this way I will loose all the nonpaying buyers that I occur everyday) and arrange a further deal but in this case you have to come in person to the car´s location to see the car and take it back with you or you can send a friend or agent that lives near by to inspect the car and pay the rest of the money.
After you've completed the transfer you will receive a confirmation that will allow me to track the transfer.
Here are the details that I need:

- sender's name and address;
- receiver's name, if you set a friend of yours as the receiver;
- exact amount wired;
- MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) (10 digits)
- if it is possible a scanned copy of the receipt format .JPEG for me to add to the files.
If you agree with my above terms, I'm sure that we can close the deal as soon as possible.
My address is:
Str: 105A Hownk Road,
Zipp: EA2 JG34
Country: UK(United Kingdom)
Thank you for your time and interest!!!
Steve Scott.

Hello again,
This is the story of my 2002 TOYOTA CELICA GT-S.Please read carefully and wach the pictures , and if you decide to buy please reply ASAP b/c my lawyer will be start the shipping and will make all the papers for this sale.
If you won't to buy it, ok... not problem , but I want to know it quckly b/c the next buyers waiting for your decison YES or not.
Thank you for your time.

Odeslat příspěvekod hakluk 9. 12. 2007 10:53

Omlouvam se za takovou tapetu :oops:
Treba to nekomu usetri penize, nebo aspon cas :)

Odeslat příspěvekod Oops! 9. 12. 2007 11:05

kua už mu píšu, co kdyby .... :)
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Odeslat příspěvekod MELLO 9. 12. 2007 11:11

člověk by si řekl, že v dnešní době už je to tak profláknuté, že na to nemůže nikdo skočit ( stejně jako důchodci na trik s přeplatkem za energie ) a ejhle, ono se jich ještě dost najde :shock: :oboze
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Odeslat příspěvekod Bob 9. 12. 2007 11:14

Tak jsem objednal E320 CDI kombi 2005 za 4000 €
Žena bude mít radost - takový druhý auto do rodiny - sousedi puknou závistí
Jen doufám, že se to neprodá dřív, je to moc dobrej kup - druhé nejlacinější auto stálo 9500 (od stejného prodejce, asi má dvě, beru samo to lacinější) a ostatní stály už 19500 a víc.
OopS!: Nes er mě! Deli to doporučil mě!

Odeslat příspěvekod MELLO 9. 12. 2007 11:27

Tak ať slouží a najezdí mnoho km. :wink: :mrgreen:
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Odeslat příspěvekod salam01 9. 12. 2007 11:43

Já jsem si právě napsal o oba ty bavoráky. No neber to za ty prachy, konečně dostanou neteře na Vánoce pořádný dárek :D.
Kdo se bojí, sere v síni.
Obecní blb
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Odeslat příspěvekod Bob 9. 12. 2007 12:22

Hele, nechte toho, takhle na mě nic nezbude ...

Odeslat příspěvekod MELLO 9. 12. 2007 12:23

Ale jo, já nic kupovat nebudu. Já nakupuju jak už jsem napsal v jiném threadu u autorizovaného dealerství a zásadně bez jakékoliv slevy. :wink: :mrgreen:
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