I "fixed" my rattle and I don't wanna set it on fire anymore

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Odeslat příspěvekod daniel77 24. 5. 2019 08:37

Hello everyone,

For the past 9 months, ever since I got my car back from servicing, there would be a light ticking/rattle coming from what seems to be the rear headliner. I've read all posts about the b9a4 and a5 rattling issues. I've tried slipping in felt behind the liners and pillars to tightening all visible screws under the seats and lubricating all seals. Technicians can't seem to hear it when I bring it up. I gave up.

But today, I was double checking my spare tire because I'm gonna need to swap it in to repair my wheel next week. I found out there is a tire change kit further back in the trunk. I saw a lug nut cover remover slightly out of place so I put it back into the plastic mold. On my way home I've noticed the cabin sounded the same as the drive after taking delivery.

I know most of you guys probably prefer the engine and exhaust sounds but it's been so long since I've had a quiet 45 minute commute. Similar to a 2 week headache disappearing suddenly. Can't wait to go to work tomorrow at 7 am and not wanting to shoot myself by the time I get there.

Thank you!

Odeslat příspěvekod MELLO 24. 5. 2019 13:21

Naser si do krku a zaklop za sebou.
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